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Who’s it for?

Align Sales and Marketing with using one tool to manage all contact relationships and touch points with your business and product.

What does it do?

Securely stores, organises and segment your contacts. Tracks activity from MQL, to SQL through to Customer. Giving you a full understanding of all interactions enabling your Marketing and Sales team to work together closing more deals.

How much does it cost?

100% free


We'll tell you why

this is the best CRM

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Focus on generating leads, increasing revenue, and exceeding your customers’ expectations, within one software platform

A single suite of software that integrates tools, data, and processes.

System requirements

All the software we recommend is cloud-based which means the only requirement to use it, is an up to date web browser. We recommend the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. To find out what browser you’re using, click here.

Why it is the best CRM

The obvious answer is, of course, it is free - but that doesn't make it the best. Here are 4 of the reasons why we think it is the best and that you should book a demo of this CRM:

Track your deals

Manage your pipeline with total visibility. Deals can be sorted by won and lost, appointments scheduled, and contracts sent over any time period, and performance can be tracked against quotas you set


Organise your contact's info

It's so much more than a name and a number. Every interaction from website visits, calls and notes and emails are logged in one place.


Create your tasks

Every activity is logged automatically against a contact, and follow up tasks can be made either via workflow or by the contact owner.


Make your calls

Call from within the software and choose whether or not to record the conversation. A log is automatically saved on your contact’s timeline.

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