People are searching online for businesses like yours, but how can you be sure that they’ll find you? Are you present on the social channels that your customers use? When they create an online search for the product or services you offer, will your business appear in their search results? Does your website present what you do in the most effective way?

Digital strategy is about creating a plan or a blueprint for your business online, which will answer these questions.

Initially our team of strategists will work with you to develop a profile of your customers. We will then audit the digital assets you have and compare them with this profile.

From this we will formulate a plan that will detail what you should be doing online to reach your customers. It will detail what social channels you should be using, how to use them effectively and how often. We will look specifically at how you should communicate with your customers and the tone of voice you should take in your messaging.

We’ll look at your businesses back-link profile (a back-link is an inbound link to your website and is one of the measures Google uses in determining a ranking for your website) and help you formulate strategies to optimise and build this.

Your most significant digital asset is your website and as part of the digital strategy we will audit your site to ensure it presents a coherent and effective user experience for your customers.

In summary it is all-encompassing strategy that addresses all areas of your online presence, ensuring that your business communicates effectively, on the right channels and in the right way.