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Our Approach

No complex terms or vagaries, just a clear step by step program of work to get you found online by potential customers.

Our approach begins by looking at your current online position and visibility and what ranking opportunities exist for your business. When we know where you are and where you need to be, we can create a plan of how to get you there. The plan typically follows a seven step process from technical website health through to online content generation. Read on below to learn more about the process.

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SEO in Seven Steps

From website health to content generation we can help you every step of the way or if you prefer you can just pick and choose the services you need help with.

Step 1
Website Health Check

Is your current website up to scratch? This health check will highlight if your website is not performing as well as it should. We look at the underlying code of your site together with the structure and content.

Step 4

From website copy to blogging, our content writers will work with you to shape your website's content to contain the keywords discovered in step 3. Our writers are experts in creating keyword-rich copy that resonates with your specific target audience and feels natural to read while performing well in organic search results.

Step 2
Back-link Profile

Do you know who is linking to your website and who you are linking to? Are they good quality, secure, Google approved sites? It's very important to regularly audit your backlinks and remove any low quality, potentially damaging links.

Step 5
Attracting Visitors

Our team of inbound consultants work with you to profile your potential customers. From there we create a content strategy. This is effectively a writing plan, which details what blogs, articles, videos, whitepapers, and landing pages etc. you need to write in order to hit your goals. Additionally, if you would like us to write content for you, our team of writers are on hand to help you.

Step 3

What key terms should you be using? We will work with you to identify the keyword opportunities for your business and how to set up your topics, clusters and pillar pages. We identify regularly searched terms that relate to your products and services and recommend the best terms to use.

Step 6

Is it working? The key to successful digital marketing is to regularly measure your activity. How many visitors did your latest blog article generate? How many people watched your video or downloaded your whitepaper? If you use our inbound marketing services, we use Hubspot’s CMS to create, publish and monitor your site and content so you can see the results we’re achieving.

Web analytics for company seo strategy

Step 7 Conversion Rate Optimisation - Are your new site visitors turning into leads?

With HubSpot’s CMS we can monitor visitors, inquiries and leads generated by your website. If not enough visitors turn into inquiries then its time to look at your websites user experience (UX) to do some conversion rate optimisation.

Using a combination of user experience design (UX) and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) we’re able to establish a clear picture of your visitors' journey through your website. We can determine where that journey could be improved and where conversion should occur. Often little things like the size of a button, the colour of a headline or the complexity of a form have a huge impact on whether a user will engage with you.

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If you'd like to increase your visibility online there are a number of areas where you can improve your SEO to help search engines and your prospects find you. (Read our '10 SEO mistakes' here so avoid any traps)

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