Sales and Marketing Alignment

The biggest win and #1 most missed opportunity by B2B businesses today. Curing this misalignment significantly improves customer experience and retention whilst increasing productivity, sales cycles and ultimately your top line.

What is Sales and Marketing Alignment?

Quite simply, you provide the right tools to enable your teams to communicate with each other and work together towards the same, measurable goals. This makes for improved customer experience while saving time and money.

What Sales Teams Sometimes Think 🤔💭But Don't Say Outload...

"We don't receive enough leads from marketing and those we do receive aren't qualified enough."

"I don't know why we should do the marketing teams job for them by generating our own leads?"

"We need more information about our leads in order to have a meaningful conversation with them. We seem to be doing all the work and their work too while bringing in the revenue."

"We'll be lucky to meet our quarterly goal but that doesn't affect marketing, they still receive their full salary and don't rely on commission."

What Marketing Teams Sometimes Think 🤔💭But Don't Say Outload...

"Where do all the leads go that get passed on to the sales team?"

"It's a numbers game; although the sales team says they have to "solve their prospect's problems".

"Sales don't act quickly enough on most of the leads that we worked hard to nurture so our competitors sweep them up."

"The ones that didn't close but were still a great fit for our companies products/services didn't get sent back to us to nurture until ready to buy so they've been lost no doubt." 

What Can be Achieved by these Departments Working Together?

If two entities are aiming in the same direction but towards a different goal, and are measured differently, the chances of them meeting in unity are slim to nil. If you unify the two, success is achieved quicker and to a greater level.

When working together the following can be achieved:

1. Business success from the collaboration of ideas

2. Better communication saves time and speeds up the MQL to SQL process (e.g. less time spent on unqualified leads)

3. Improved customer experience as no double calling or missed opportunities

4. Happier, satisfied employees with no disgruntled, hard workers believing they're doing the lion's share

5. Revenue goals shared with proven data analytics clearly showing who's achieved what

6. Having a say in the strategy and revenue gives the teams a shared goal.

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What to Align First?

The three most common misalignments that need to be agreed are:

1. How to score your business leads

2. What metrics to use and when contacts are which (MQL, SQL)

3. Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Once these basic principles have been agreed the correct processes can be implemented so each team member knows exactly what they are doing or not doing and when. The next step is to ensure that your company has provided the right tools for your marketing and sales teams and tools that are shared so communication is streamlined.

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Sales Need Marketing and Marketing Need Sales

Working together increases revenue as well as cutting costs. The majority of B2B businesses reinvest approx 40% of their income on Sales and Marketing. This expense could be optimised when activities are aligned. Understanding the need for each team and realising what each does helps build a good working relationship.

Marketing is needed to generate and nurture leads by developing relationships with good fit companies and store those leads via lead scoring in segmented CRM lists.

Sales further develop relationships with the prospects passed to them by Marketing within the CRM, close deals, up and cross-sell.


Does Your Business Have the Tools For Sales and Marketing Alignment?

The best software for sales and marketing aligned teams is one that allows marketing and sales teams to view the same data, contact records, goals, and reports in the same portal. To be able to segment lists and set workflows within the CRM, produce email templates, forms, landing pages, videos, and share documents and quotes. 

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