Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Take a targeted approach to your B2B marketing by homing in on key accounts, creating hyper-targeted content and campaigns to deliver a personalised experience.

Why Should You Consider ABM?

Where more traditional marketing tactics rely on casting a wide net, nurturing contacts through a wide sales funnel, account-based marketing can be thought of as “fishing with spears”. It’s targeted, it’s calculated, and when executed correctly, it can be highly effective.

Research from SiriusDecisions shows:

“92% of B2B marketers worldwide consider ABM extremely or very important to their overall marketing efforts.”

You Are a Good Fit For ABM If...

  • Your sales cycle involves a research/evaluation phase due to the cost or level of commitment required from the buyer and often involves multiple stakeholders
  • Your sales and marketing team wants to make a bigger impact with a more strategic focus
  • Your best-existing customers who generate the most revenue for your business have distinct characteristics OR you have identified accounts with distinct characteristics that have the potential to generate more revenue
  • There are organisations with needs that your solution clearly addresses
  • Your organisation’s goals include expanding into a new segment, territory, or vertical, or going after your competitor’s customers
  • Your organisation offers several products or services and has set goals to grow customer lifetime value through up-sell and cross-sell

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Recommended Actions For Implementing ABM

“ABM isn’t about company size. If there is more than one person in the organization you need to influence to get the deal, ABM applies.” - Matt Heinz, President and CEO, Heinz Marketing

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Identify Your Targets

You firstly need to build a list of target accounts. Usually, a good sales team already have this data. You need to build this ecosystem of contacts for each target account, segment them by their job role and where they stand in the buying journey, then shape your campaigns to fit each segment.

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Create Content

This content should speak not only about the pain points of each specific employee, but more on the pain that the organisation is experiencing as a whole.

Do Your Research

Look at industry type, company size, location, and annual revenue etc.., along with strategic factors, like market influence, likelihood of repeat purchase, and expected profit margin to determine which of the target accounts would yield the most business for you. By prioritising target accounts, you’ll know where to put your efforts first.

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Define Your Content Types

From awareness through to decision, you need to be at the right place at the right time. What exhibitions, trade shows, magazines, forums or wikis do they hang-out in to find out about trends in their industry

Deep dive into each account

How is your target company is structured and who are the critical players? Which buyer persona fits best? For ABM you need to determine every stakeholder at a target account who has influence over the buying process. From IT manager to Marketing, from the head of operations to head of sales. These roles will differ per account.

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Distribute your content

Even with the best content for your target accounts, it won’t be very effective if you don’t use the correct channels to promote it in a timely way. It’s important that you choose the right channel/s to deliver your content, based on what’s most effective for a given organization or role.

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What Does Successful ABM Look Like?

It's less about the number of contacts you have and more about the quality of relationships you have with just a few prospects. Requires close collaboration between sales and marketing. Requires a targeted approach where there are a limited number of prospects.

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Start Identifying Key Accounts?

With account-based marketing, it’s very much about building relationships. What works best is delivering content that’s helpful, specific, and relevant. Do not focus on one single contact at a company, focus on the entire ecosystem of employees who play a role in influencing that decision process.

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