Our Agency's Story; What is the Best CRM System?

Posted by Joy on 16-May-2017 13:35:58

We needed a really simple to use, Customer Relationship Management System. An organised system that followed our prospects from their first ever communication with us to a sale and beyond, that kept our pipeline in check and a platform that grew with us. This is basically our story of how we chose our CRM and why. Hopefully this blog will help you decide and stop you from making one of the biggest mistakes that people make when choosing a CRM. For an insight into using a free CRM before you give it a go, download our gift to you (a step by step guided checklist in setting up your CRM). 
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Need To Predict Sales Accurately But Have No Time Machine?

Posted by Joy on 22-Dec-2016 09:47:15
Whether you currently use a lead scoring system, statistical analysis, a time machine or meet with a clairvoyant, we all find it difficult to predict accurately which of our sales prospects will buy and when they're likely to do it.

The quickest way for a business to grow is to take charge and effectively manage the sales pipeline. The more up-to-date and accurate your sales pipeline, the more likely you are to increase revenue.

Most sales teams know these things yet still find it difficult to manage the sales cycle. Fortunately the team over at Hubspot have been busy compiling a free resource that we can all leverage to help us with our sales forecasting.

As Hubspot Partners we got an exclusive first look at what the team have come up with.

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8 Take-Aways Inbound 2016 and Why You Should Go Next Year

Posted by Joy on 15-Nov-2016 09:32:34

Well after returning to the UK yesterday after a whirlwind visit to Boston it's difficult to know where to start! This amazing event is packed full of business owners, marketing professionals, web developers, savvy socialites, content writers and more, all sharing their stories and expertise. Along with meeting and making many friends from a variety of backgrounds, there is also so much to learn from the sessions and keynote speakers.

Now who doesn't like to take a short cut? These professionals are speaking about their personal learnings from actual experience. They share insights about what they did right and about things they'd do differently if starting a business tomorrow. That's just one of the best take-aways from Inbound 2016 and why you should go next year. Read the rest of my blog to find out more of the best learnings and insights I gleaned from #Inbound16 and an unbiased view on why you should book a ticket for 2017... 


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What’s Important a Lead or a Qualified Lead in Manufacturing?

Posted by Joy on 30-Jun-2016 09:26:00

There’s a growing trend in the manufacturing industry of business owners who are tired of spending time and money on unqualified leads not ready to buy and of demotivated sales teams.

Manufacturers are turning to inbound and to updated marketing strategies. They are getting savvy in the digital world, using social channels, upping their game regarding website design and SEO and they mean business.

Here are some of the questions we get asked by manufacturers before they become inbound advocates and eat their competition for breakfast…

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Who wouldn't love a constantly evolving website? GDD is the future

Posted by Joy on 11-May-2016 09:36:09

So firstly you're thinking 'what is GDD and how can it help my business?'

GDD or Growth Driven Design is a methodology for delivering websites based on how users actually use them. The key benefit for businesses is that GDD websites' deliver a much greater ROI in terms of user experience and lead generation than their traditional counterparts.

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In a Nutshell What is Marketing Automation?

Posted by Joy on 22-Jan-2016 09:20:56

Marketing automation streamlines, automates and measures marketing tasks. If your company is not currently using automation software your competitors soon will be, as more and more companies are starting to realise that it solves most common marketing problems such as:

- Lack of time

- Lack of communication between sales and marketing teams

- Lack of ‘on the spot’ ideas

- Lack of accurate analytical data

…to name but a few.

Marketing automation software is designed for marketing departments and organisations of any size, those with a customer database of 10 to 10 million. It allows you to effectively market on multiple channels and automate repetitive tasks. It is not a strategy, it is software that helps you with your marketing needs.

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