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How to keep your sales team motivated during a crisis

12 May 2020

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Whilst most of us have become accustomed to our new working conditions, for a sales team that’s used to the buzz of a busy office, adjusting to working remotely and a decrease in leads can be more of a challenge; and managing that team can be even harder.

Keeping your sales team engaged and optimistic is key to the success of your company but finding ways to do just that can be difficult without the daily interaction and competition that comes with working in an office. At a time like this, finding new solutions to maintain a positive sales team has never been more important. Read our tips on how to keep your sales team motivated in these difficult times and continue working those Sales Leads.

Acknowledge change

The world around us has temporarily shifted, and there’s no use in ignoring it. Most sales teams will be experiencing a volatile sales pipeline, as a result of the current climate, and it’s important to acknowledge this change and provide your team with a plan.

Let your team know exactly what you are expecting to happen and how the company is planning for business continuity. Then arm them with the tools they need to successfully manoeuvre the new terrain.

Keep communicating

How to keep your sales team motivated. Maintain communication video chat on a computer screen

For a team that thrives on interaction, keeping communication channels open is essential. Regular team catch-ups will help to lift spirits, and maintain some of that all important camaraderie that they are accustomed to.

Try to schedule weekly, or better still, daily, video calls with your entire team, to chat about potential leads and how everyone is holding up. A successful sales team works as a unit, so it’s important to maintain that bond to encourage healthy competition and genuine interaction.

Adjust targets

Sales will naturally fall during times of uncertainty, and it’s therefore unfair to expect your sales team to continue to meet the same targets as they were before. Unrealistic expectations will only serve to damage team morale, and create one that lacks the motivation to close deals.

Instead, drop targets to what you feel would be an attainable level for these unprecedented times and maybe change your methods to allow for a longer sales process. It’s key to regularly monitor your sales figures, and adjust your targets accordingly to keep your sales team engaged, they still need to be challenged by the targets that are set.

Promote empathy

Selling during a crisis is difficult and, unfortunately, quick and easy sales are lessening. Now, more than ever, is the time to focus on the long game.

Motivate your team to regularly interact with those leads that would have converted, if it wasn’t for the COVID-19 outbreak. Not only will this provide your team with a new challenge, but encouraging them to use a more empathetic approach to sales. This 'inbound' methodology of nurturing a sale can help them build the relationships to convert leads into customers of the future. Please also read our long-standing blog 'Helping is the new selling' here.

Implement useful tools

Having a remote working sales team can come with its own challenges. Tracking the progression of leads, encouraging collaboration and maintaining regular outreach is increasingly difficult when not everyone is in the same place, seeing the same contacts and data.

Investing in solutions that allow you to better monitor your sales pipeline and automate external communication, will help you to keep your team working towards the same goal.

New call-to-action

Introduce offers and promotions

The change in climate might mean that your sales team are struggling to sell at your existing price, which can be extremely demotivating for a team that is used to success. Whilst it might not be your company policy to discount prices or offer extended payment plans, unprecedented times sometimes call for unprecedented measures.

By introducing a discounted rate, or providing preferential terms, you supply your team with the means and motivation to continue engaging with their leads. You may even find that they are able to re-qualify old leads who cited price as the main factor for not purchasing your product.



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