Many companies still rely on traditional marketing methods to generate sales leads.

Often these methods are a combination of activities, like advertising, pr, exhibitions, trade shows, email campaigns to purchased lists or cold calling. At Quattro we call these methods ‘outbound marketing’ where your marketing message is pushed outwards. It is a game of numbers, the bigger the advertising spend or the greater the footfall at a trade show the greater the chance of engaging that potential client.

At Quattro we would like you to think differently about your marketing and adopt inbound marketing. A methodology that turns traditional marketing on its head; instead of pushing your message outwards you generate content that attracts visitors and potential clients inwards.

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Why use inbound?

  • Engaged users are much more likely to buy from you than those you’ve tried to sell too.
  • Leads generated by inbound methods cost 61% less that those generated by outbound methods.

What’s wrong with traditional outbound marketing

Today’s consumers don’t like being sold to and because of this they are increasingly savvy at blocking the noise of businesses trying to sell to them. Spam filters now block unwanted emails, direct mail pieces remain unopened, television ads are paused or fast-forwarded.

If you want to generate sales in an increasingly noisy and competitive space you need to engage your audience.