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At Quattro we approach search engine optimisation (SEO) in a very different way to many of our competitors. There are no complex terms or vagaries here, just clear programmes of work that deliver results in a measured way.

Our SEO programme has seven key stages. Depending on your requirements, you can use us for all seven or just pick and choose the services you require.


Website health check
is your website up to scratch?

The first thing we do for any new client is an SEO audit of their website. This is basically an SEO health check, to make sure that your website is performing as well as it should. The health check looks at the underlying code of your website as well as its structure and content. It is a thorough check designed to reveal any areas that could be improved upon.


Back-link profile 
Who links to you?

The number and quality of websites that link to you can have a huge impact on your website’s authority and popularity. Often overlooked, it is hugely important to regularly audit your back links and remove any low quality, potentially damaging links. We recommend that you undertake this activity once every quarter. 


What keywords should you be using?

Knowing what keywords or search terms potential customers are using to find products or services like yours is the very foundation of good SEO. We will work with you to identify the keyword opportunities for your business. The keywords identified in this activity will be all those that relate to your products and services, the amount of monthly searches for each term and a recommendation of which terms present the best opportunity for your business.



Content shaping
Applying your new keywords.

Our content writers will work with you to shape your websites content to contain the keywords discovered in Stage 3. Our writers are experts in creating keyword rich copy that feels natural to read yet performs well in search.



Visitor attraction
Roll up roll up, get your tickets here

Now that we know what the keyword opportunities are for your brand, it is time to start attracting visitors to your website with content that positions you as the expert in your field.

Our team of inbound consultants will work with you to profile your potential clients, discover what problems they face and answer those problems with the service and products you offer. From there we will create a content strategy. This is effectively a writing plan, which details what blogs, articles, whitepapers, and landing pages you should write.

If you would like us to write content for you, our team of writers are on hand to help.



Is it working yet?

The key to successful digital marketing is to measure your activity. How many visitors did that blog article generate? How many people downloaded that whitepaper? If you use our inbound marketing services, we use Hubspot’s COS to create, publish and monitor your content so you can see at all times what results we’re achieving for you.



Conversion rate optimisation
Are your new site visitors turning into leads?

With Hubspot’s COS we can monitor visitors, enquiries and leads generated by your website. If not enough visitors turn into enquiries then it is time to look at your websites user experience and to do some conversion rate optimisation.

Using a combination of user experience design (UX) and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) we’re able to establish a clear picture of your visitors journey through your website. We can determine where that journey could be improved and where conversion should occur. Often little things like the size of a button, the colour of a headline or the complexity of a form have a huge impact on whether a user will engage with you.


Let’s talk search

If you would like any help or advice on SEO contact one of our consultants today. Alternatively head over to our blog for hints, tips and advice to get the most from your website and start generating more sales leads.

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This is what some of our clients say

"We’ve worked with Quattro on a variety of projects including HubSpot training, COS website development, email marketing, custom module design, and advanced sales and marketing reporting. Their team have proven themselves to be incredibly knowledgeable, proactive and dependable."

John Buttress

Managing Director, Sales and Marketing | PS Aspire

"We've been working with Quattro for over a year now and throughout that time, they've been a great partner, helping us with everything from our website and email tools to our inbound strategy, and beyond. We're in contact with the team almost daily, and they are a pleasure to work with."

Sarah Todd

Marketing Manager | Ecrebo