Website’s that are easy to use and provide visitors with an intuitive experience
generate more leads and have more repeat visitors.

what is ux design?

User experience design is about understanding your customer and their needs and delivering a website experience that meets those needs.

It is about the psychology behind how your visitors interact with your website and what influences their buying decisions. What makes them click on a link, hover over an image or fill in an enquiry form.

what are the benefits?

Sales leads, enquiries and repeat visits:
the right user experience will increase your website's conversion rate and give you a tangible ROI on your marketing efforts.

If your website is easy to use and users feel confident in it with they will interact with your business. If their experience is a satisfying one they will return again.


How much does it cost?

Not as much as you might expect.
Often small changes to an existing website, like the colour or positioning of a button can have huge and lasting affects on whether a visitor will make a purchase, submit a form or pick up the telephone.

We offer UX support for existing websites as well as new ones.



How to Convert Web Visitors Into Enquiries

A 16 page guide detailing the most common elements a website needs to generate enquires, tips on how to implement these elements and best practice examples from industry leading websites.

FREE eGuide - How to Convert Web Visitors Into Enquiries

Businesses all to often focus all their attention on creating a great looking website and driving traffic to it, but overlook the fundamentals of converting that traffic into leads.


Our user experience service is made up of the following tasks. Depending on your requirements we can shape a service using all or some of these tasks.

Sitemap creation

At the outset of a new website project, we will work with you to create a sitemap. This is a skeletal plan of the website which details all the key pages, sections and information you want to add to your new site.

Persona mapping

A key part of getting the right user experience is knowing your customer personas. Our team of inbound professionals will work with you to develop customer personas.


Once you know what you want to say and who you want to say it to, the next step is to shape that content into a journey for each persona. Visitor journey's detail elements like; where the visitor should enter the site, what information they should be presented with, what layout, colour scheme and typestyle would be most appropriate, and at what point are they likely to leave the site.


Establishing a message hierarchy is hugely important in communicating to your audience quickly and effectively. Saying the right thing at the right time can be the difference between a user continuing their journey or leaving your website.


When you know what you want to say, who you're saying it to and it what's order it's time to start laying this content out. Wireframing is a great way of visualising these items without getting hung up on how the website looks. Quick decisions over layout, structure and hierarchy can be made before any changes are committed to code. Our team often conduct usability testing with wireframe mockups to test ideas on real users early in the process.


We have a suite of usability testing tools that we can apply to existing sites to learn about the behaviour of users. If your website has a conversion issue, usability testing will give you a unique insight into what your visitors are doing, where they're clicking and more importantly why they're not doing what you expect.


Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) brings much of this activity together. Our team of experts will put benchmarks in place to analyse and measure your current conversion rate and how changes to the site impact this rate over time. Continual monitoring, evaluation and adjustment ensure that we improve your website's conversion.

Arrange a FREE Consultation

If you feel that your website could be improved or you’re not achieving the number of enquiries you’d like, contact us for a FREE no obligation consultation with one of our user experience designers.

They’ll help you identify potential UX issues with your website and draw up a programme of activity to identify and remedy these issues. 

We have also produced a FREE guide to website user experience. If you would like a copy simply click on the download link above.

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Our Latest Project

Brixham Cottages commissioned us to develop a new website on the Supercontrol online booking system.  
As a result of the redesign the website’s bounce rate dropped significantly and user engagement
and online bookings increased across the board.


What Our Clients Have to Say

"Quattro took the time to understand our business and then came up with a thoroughly thought-out proposal, which was
developed with proactive and patient consultation and fulfilled with meticulous attention to detail."

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brixham cottages