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Changing the way you think about marketing - my new path

09 November 2020

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Changing the way you think about marketing

Hello, my name is Kelly and I’m new here, so I thought I’d share a bit about myself and how I got here.

Covid-19 changed my life

I had worked my entire adult life in the hospitality industry, mostly for the same company, but like many others Covid-19 has changed my working life. First throwing me into a 5 month long furlough leave, sadly followed by my Marketing and Communications manager role being made redundant.....


The world was changing around me and I didn’t know which direction my career would take next. I was scared for the financial impact this could have on my family, sad to have to say goodbye to many colleagues I had built great relationships with over my years, but mostly I was excited for the opportunities it could open up for me both personally and professionally. I had just gained a level 5 qualification through the apprenticeship scheme and this was my time to shine!


Enter Quattro!

I took to social media to “put myself out there” in the job seeking world, added the green banner to my Linked in profile and updated my skills and profile, must make sure my new qualification was up there taking pride of place! With my CV also updated I took to the job sites, applying for positions near and far that I could adapt my skill base to.


Thankfully (and luckily for me!) my redundancy had barely been signed and sealed before I received a reach out on Linked in from Joy, they were considering employing a marketing specialist for their team and would I be interested in knowing a little more? Well of course I said yes, we arranged Covid friendly Zoom meeting, had a great conversation and within a week we had signed the deal.


I had two weeks to prepare for my new challenge, I researched the company, dug out some work clothes and headed into the office for a socially distanced “meet the team” and collect my equipment, it really was happening - a new chapter had begun.


Forgetting what I knew

quattro-GDPR-5 - Changing the way you think about marketing - Inbound Marketing HubSpot

I have always considered myself to be quite IT literate, having used computers pretty much all my life, but I was really not mentally prepared for the amount of new information I would need to take on, this wasn’t just a new job, this was a complete change of industry - and even some of the marketing knowledge I had used daily for my old role was no longer going to be of use. I spent my first few weeks learning about HubSpot, Inbound Marketing and snooping around the Quattro website and HubSpot dashboard, trying to take in and make sense of all this new information, and understand this software which I now work with - absolutely the polar opposite to what I was used to.


So now I had to stop thinking B2C - I am now working in B2B, but as I soon discovered that by using (living and breathing) the Inbound approach, my passion of helping people was still going to be fulfilled, not by satisfying their hunger or offering a delicious afternoon treat, but by spending time truly understanding what support I can offer our clients to grow their business, creating happy customers all round.


Fast forward to today….

I am now a month into my new role, I feel like I understand at least half of the conversations I am party to, and I’m starting to find my way along this new path that I’m on. I know I have a lot yet to learn, but I am still very excited about the future and what is to come.


What does your future hold? Can our business help your business? We are here to help so just book a call with one of our team to discuss what we can do for you.




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