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Energise Your Opportunities in 2018, Prioritise SEO -Inbound marketing

14 January 2016| Guest Blogger

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SEO Really Works

It might sound like a laborious task optimising your business website but SEO really does work. The problem many companies face is that they want to see immediate results, however SEO should be seen as a gradual branding scheme rather than just a marketing one.

Search Engines; the Big Brother of the Modern Age 

Search engines are constantly analysing websites and their contents, tracking keywords and investigating relevancy. With methodical and constant SEO improvements like user optimisation and content publishing, your website can become more productive. SEO provides an organic and cost-effective way to cement your foundations in the online world and earn your business a healthy ROI. There is no end to SEO, it is a forever changing process, if you are not constantly moving forward and staying ahead of the game, you will lose ground and be over taken by your competitors.

SEO Belongs to the Same Family as Inbound Marketing

SEO is now part of the growing online marketing ecosystem of Inbound and digital marketing. Inbound has been on the rise for over a decade now. It will continue to be the most effective method of marketing in the digital age as it's focused on the buyer and their needs. Inbound marketing as an ‘umbrella’ term includes:


1. social media platforms

2. SEO, content

3. community engagement

4. conversation rate optimisation

5. brand marketing and other activities.

6. Buyer personas

Quality Content is Key

Creating quality content pulls people towards your website and company. It will also help your organic search positioning because search engines love websites that are constantly being refreshed and updated with valuable content. This content has much potential because you can easily convey a message in a variety of ways through videos, infographs, blogs, articles and copywriting. There should never be a shortage of content and if the audience really like it or find it useful, they will interact with it in some way.

 The number one method of digital marketing will be content marketing (20.67%) by Smart Insights

 An interactive poll by ‘Smartinsights’ showed that the number one method of digital marketing will be content marketing (20.67%), the second highest rated method of digital marketing was Marketing Automation with platforms like HubSpot (18.6%). It seems to be a continuing trend that the future of digital marketing relies in content marketing. It draws people in and that in turn helps  organically with SEO. Content can be immediately be interacted with and shared. 

Useful Resources

Please see Quattro's previous blog on SEO "3 ways to get found in organic search results with inbound" for more information on this topic. In addition, there are many free online guides on the subject of website optimisation such as hubspot.com and moz.com or discussion threads where you can remain up to date with the latest trends and techniques that are being developed in the digital marketing world, or alternatively there are marketing training courses.

Get started by downloading this 36 Point Website Health check here:

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The Future of Digital Marketing

No matter what the future holds for digital marketing, it’s here to stay, the methods and techniques used will be forever changing but the technological world is only developing due to the growing market in online advertising space. Methods such as PPC (pay per click with Google Adwords) and SEO will remain the methods heavily invested in for the foreseeable future.

Many thanks to our Guest blogger Bhav Seera from 'The London Management Centre' for these insights.

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