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GDPR Guide, Business Tools and Jargon Free Info’

13 March 2018| Joy

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Read Quattro’s GDPR Guide and series of blogs every week to discover all you need to know about GDPR. Receive web and marketing tools from double opt in templates and check lists to ideas on how to market your business in the new GDPR landscape. You know that you only have approx’ two months until the EU General Data Protection Regulation laws apply, so start reading our guide now…

Why Do We Need GDPR?

The laws governing privacy and security of personal data haven’t been updated or fully reviewed in 20 years. We need the laws updating due to the modern digital landscape we all now live in. This is a good thing that aims to give European residents and visitors back control over their own personal data not to mention it’s everyone’s fundamental human right.

Does GDPR Apply to You?

Well, you personally, yes of course GDPR applies to everyone. We don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry reading up on all our personal data. Likewise, we don’t enjoy receiving mail from complete strangers offering goods and services that we have no interest or need for.

As an organisation, we also see how futile it is to send our goods and services to people with no need or interest in our goods or services. It’s a waste of all our time, resources and money. Furthermore, it just gets people annoyed. Businesses also have a responsibility to maintain the privacy of our contacts whether customers, email subscribers or employees. 

Does an Organisation’s Location Make a Difference to GDPR Regulations?

The new regulations apply to companies located in the EU.

ALERT! However, if you process or hold personal data of residents in the EU, GDPR applies to you, regardless of where you as a company are located.

What Are the Penalties for Not Complying With GDPR?

Although the new legislation comes into force in May, I believe that as long as a company is actively making changes within their organisation to abide by the GDPR rules that the ICO will be lenient. The regulatory authorities are there to help rather than reprimand. However, for those businesses doing nothing or in obvious breach there are serious penalties for not complying to GDPR: 

  • Your organisation could be fined up to 4% of its annual, global turnover or 20 million euros (whichever is greater)

  • Your company could be sued by an employee or customer if found breaking GDPR rules and regulations (e.g. receiving an email unrequested)

  • You could lose business and your reputation.

Read our second GDPR instalment next week and check out our handy tick sheet ensuring that your company becomes GDPR sound, one step at a time. If you choose to subscribe to Quattro’s blog, you’ll receive these useful tips, tools and guides directly to your inbox. For now, download our GDPR guide for that handy checklist and to find out more that you need to know about GDPR…

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