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Sales motivation during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

02 March 2021

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Amidst the current Global Pandemic, it seems mildly inappropriate to be writing about sales and motivation during the crisis. How can we think about selling, motivating and targets/goals for our sector or business, when nothing is normal?

An answer to those key questions, along with some tips on how to remain motivated; but first - an intro on why I’m writing this:

Invoking a lot of thought during the past few weeks surrounding writing a blog aimed at sales teams and how appropriate is it?

Enrolling on HubSpot’s Pipeline Generation Bootcamp (PGB) has provided me with a stable knowledge into adaptation from outbound sales techniques to inbound sales adaptations, which HubSpot offers for FREE to its partners. Part of this course was to produce a blog post in a relevant topic to express my learnings from our Master Lion - Dan Tyre, with his wealth of experience and my own tenacity I have put together the following;

So what can be said about the world of sales in the time of the coronavirus? Cold calling

Cold calling or "Prospecting" is a thing of the past, the lockdowns have shown as much. Calling clients cold and attempting to fulfill high number KPI's just isn't effective, both during and post pandemic. One of the PGB classmates stated that “It’s not a cold call if you’ve done your research about the prospect and you’re calling to help". The motto of the course was “always be helping”.

Nerve racking as it is, you to make a lead list, step out of the comfort zone and make phone calls. I’d allocate an hour to make each call - which seems highly time consuming - but valuable calls massively outweigh volumes of invaluable calls to ill-fitted prospects. The key here is to have several common ideas or "pain points" to discuss -  before picking up the phone to prospective buyers or target accounts.

The results will begin mixed depending on many factors such as confidence levels and the positions & responses on the end of outreach attempt. Enrolling target accounts into a sales outreach program will help to highlight  your company's positioning to aid or advise the prospect.

The strategic and tactical outreach, including the platform conveying the message are meaningless without the methodology of; Always be helping.

One of the main points to come out of the Pandemic, be it positive or negative; We are all in this together and the only way forward is together. 

The crisis has reinforced what we should be prioritising: the only true solution is one built together.

Here's a few ways Quattro helped our clients create content types for driving qualified inbound leads;

  • providing free video demos and marketing schemes - 
  • developing a plan for a client to stay engaged with its client base despite a instability within all marketplaces.
  • tailored strategy campaigns and help with successful executions
  • listening attentively to people who are hurting and worried about their business or position in market and techniques to convert these to opportunities.

What do you think? What are some ways you have supported others or felt supported throughout the COVID-19 Global Pandemic?

Our top 5 tips to keep yourself motivated as we draw towards a hopeful end to the 3rd UK Lockdown;

  • Learn something new - online training sessions can allow engagement with the outside World and can be a game changer for keeping yourself motivated.
  • Lead by example, everyone is under pressure and more stress than usual at this time, although we have some restrictions lifting, this is a great way to move forward with your teams and colleagues and will motivate both them and you to do more and be better. Always be kind. Always be helping.
  • Have a routine, or daily planner - with a clear start and end to your working and non working day. I cannot stress how important this is - back to back zoom calls or 100's of emails has really taken its toll over the last 12 months of home working, it's important to allow ourselves a break.
  • Exercise, again can be extremely effective at maintaining that balance in life and work. Even the slightest activity at the start, middle and end of your day can boost your focus and efficiency throughout the day.
  • Set Goals, and measure them. Create a mood board for your goals and decorate your workspace, ideally this should be a quiet area where you can focus without distractions whilst home working. Having a clean, tidy but vibrant workspace can really impact your daily energy.

What do you need help with? I'm always on hand & happy to help, advise or just listen.

Please Join my LinkedIn Community "Generation Hubspot" for inbound & CRM support, information, new and more!

Josh Walker - CRM Accounts Manager & Technical Implementation Administrator

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