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Sales Automation tools for the new age

9 November 2018| Tate Lasquros

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Being in sales for quite a while, I know all too well about time efficiency and trying to make the most of your day. You plan your day to make X amount of calls, follow up with emails or send out X amount of emails to try and create new business opportunities for yourself. Now sometimes you might fall a little behind following up with tasksemails and calls simply because you either forget or get overwhelmed with other things. 

My First Few Weeks At Quattro

I recently joined a company called Quattro, who put me through an 8-week intensive course with Dan Tyre, a Sales Director at HubSpot and an expert in the selling process from start to finish. I was part of 'Project Lion' in his Pipeline Generation Boot Camp and he showed us the vitals in how to connect and engage with a prospect right the way through to closing a new customer. Dan also covered creating new business for your agency and for me the most important thing was how to make my working life easier as a sales exec’, in other words how to automate follow up tasks, emails and calls for myself using Quattro's sales automation tools.

Save Your Time With This Sales Automation Tool

Through HubSpot's free CRM, you can create sequences to carry out tasks for example if you wanted to re-connect with your lost prospects in your database you can set up a 5 email sequences. You can start with an introduction and then continue right the way through your email sequence until leaving your details for them to reach out should they wish. You have control over who you send it to and what date or time you like the emails to be sent. HubSpot is clever enough to be able to notify you when a receiver has replied. The software can even differentiate between an out of office reply and an actual human reply which is another element that makes it such a useful tool to have. 

Why I will use this tool moving forward

Compared with other CRMs, this software is ahead of the game, I have not seen any of these features in my sales roles before. This is why I personally think HubSpot is winning the race in terms of having that all in one software platform and in making everyday tasks as easy as possible. 

In such a short space of time, I am happy and confident in moving forward using sequencing as part of email campaigns to connect with people in my database without having to manually do it.

  • This enables me to focus more on prospecting, calling, CRM segmentation and social media for example. 
  • I don’t have to remember to send, the Sales Automation software automatically knows when to send an email based on my settings of dates and times. 
  • The tool can understand when someone has replied stopping the sequence and even if it's an automated or human reply.

shoutout to the sales king

I would personally like to say thank you to Dan from HubSpot, he has helped guide me and show me a new way of looking at sales, it's definitely something I will incorporate and use going forward. In addition, I have already downloaded his book from Amazon which you could also buy here. The training I’ve received so far and the opportunity to learn more about sales, the inbound methodology and the ever-changing features of the CRM features that help companies grow and has significantly changed my understanding of sales.


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