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To Tweet or Not to Tweet? 5 Ways Twitter Helps Build Your Brand

20 November 2015| Joy

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet? That is the Question

Many businesses don't take social channels seriously enough. Especially when you consider the branding and promotional potential these platforms offer.

71% of business owners use social channels to build brand awareness (for more stats' see our blog "Why Midlands manufacturers shouldn't turn their backs on social media.")

In this blog I'm going to show you 5 ways Twitter can help you build brand awareness.

This is THE most fast paced and quickest channel to gain traction with followers. Engaging this audience couldn't be easier it's either a quick reply/answer to their query or a pasted link to quality content on your website, which is what makes it so powerful. With a good content strategy behind you and a commitment to look at your tweets four or five times a day, you can quite quickly establish quite a presence. 

5 Ways Twitter Can Help You Build Brand Awareness. 

7tipsIcons1.gifRaising your profile

Whether you're a start up or a well established company, everyone needs to get their brand noticed and to be seen as an authority in their field. By broadcasting great content, regularly, you can achieve recognition and begin converting your followers into leads. Do you have a brand that stands out? This might sound simple but in a sea of blue, square logos and photos of guys in suits consider something bright for your twitter handle so it really pops out from the crowd.



We are so lucky to live in this digital age where it's quick and easy to communicate instantly and globally. We can correspond with people that we normally wouldn't meet in day to day life. To tweet is a great way to 'get to know' someone/a business gradually and to establish credibility and trust over time by the content that you publish. Similarities and compatibilities will start to appear and a natural synergy with businesses will develop. 


Time is of the Essence

This is the best channel to use when you want to broadcast your news immediately. It is in a blunt, simple format so everyone gets your message loud and clear. You can celebrate company achievements of your own and of your followers. Show people your endorsements and better yet, quote your customers with their flattering praise on how great your company is, how smoothly you made their project, what a fast turn around you did and how they will definitely be recommending you to others. 



It's so important to engage with your followers on all social media channels. Tweeting is one of the easiest platforms to respond to on the go, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take care in writing your posts. Never write anything you wouldn't be prepared to say in person and always consider how your posts sound. Your tweets are your brand ambassador so it's important on this fast paced channel to be consistent in your tone and style.

Helping your customers is usually a quick reply/answer to their query or a pasted link to a landing page or website so very time/cost effective. Thank your followers, retweets and likes (favourites) and do follow back. Also don't be too quick to dismiss followers as you never know who they are linked to. 


Trending - Be in the Know and Be Known

Following tweets is a great way to keep in the know, while on the move you can pick up on industry news and trends and share that with your audience. As long as it is relevant to your industry there is nothing wrong with 'piggy-backing' trending topics to extend your reach. Keep it 'relevant' though, as there's nothing worse than a company blatantly following/commenting on a trending post to just get a free advert out there. 


My Experience Using Twitter

When I first set up an account and started following people, answering queries, getting followed, retweeting and then gaining leads from my engagement I received a real buzz. There are many helpful, friendly companies and individuals on social media only too ready to link up.

My biggest surprise at the outset was that some businesses with the most followers felt that they were too big to follow back? A little humility is a good thing and everyone started somewhere. Consider everyone who follows you for a follow back. They may not all be relevant but deserve the consideration.

So to tweet or not to tweet? Hopefully '5 Ways Twitter Helps Build Your Brand Awareness' has answered that question and you're going to see this channel as an important one when marketing your company. A couple of key takeaways from this: never think you're too big to follow someone and always say thank you.




PHOTO CREDIT: "Edwin Booth Hamlet 1870" by J. Gurney & Son, N.Y. - 19th century photograph.


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