To Tweet or Not to Tweet? 5 Ways Twitter Helps Build Your Brand

Posted by Joy on 20 November 2015

To Tweet or Not to Tweet?
That is the Question

Many businesses don't take social channels seriously enough. Especially when you consider the branding and promotional potential these platforms offer.

71% of business owners use social channels to build brand awareness (for more stats' see our blog "Why Midlands manufacturers shouldn't turn their backs on social media.")

In this blog I'm going to show you 5 ways Twitter can help you build brand awareness.

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Making yourself heard online

Posted by Joy on 12 June 2015

Now that digital is a part of all our lives communication should be easy shouldn't it? After all we don't have to have to pick up a phone or go and visit anyone anymore, we can do it all instantly online via email or social media.

With an increasing amount of data being thrown at us every day, the noise is getting louder and it's increasingly hard to make yourself heard. 

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Why Midlands manufacturers shouldn't turn their backs on social media

Posted by Joy on 29 April 2015

The Midlands is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and home to some of the World's most advanced manufacturing with approx 32,000 companies, employing 600,000 employees (SOURCE: Yet manufacturing as an industry is slow to fully embrace social media as a platform for business growth.

Many Midlands manufacturers still rely on tried and tested methods for seeking new clients, such as trade shows, networking events and advertising. This is a strange dichotomy when you consider how they’ve innovated and adapted to bring world class manufacturing back to the Midlands, but haven't innovated in their new business acquisition.

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