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Who wouldn't love a constantly evolving website? GDD is the future

11 May 2016

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So firstly you're thinking 'what is GDD and how can it help my business?'

GDD or Growth Driven Design is a methodology for delivering websites based on how users actually use them. The key benefit for businesses is that GDD websites' deliver a much greater ROI in terms of user experience and lead generation than their traditional counterparts.

How does it work

Traditionally websites are planned, designed and delivered over a two to three month period. They consume a huge amount of marketing and agency resource which all culminates in a frenzied website launch. But after the launch the website remains largely the same until the next redesign is required two or three years later.

The problem with this approach is that the website that is launched initially is based on assumptions about how users will interact with it. Any learning gained from the website launch about how users interact with the site doesn't get used or acted upon until the next rebuild.

Growth Driven Design breaks this cycle and delivers a continually improving website based on decisions informed by the users that interact with it.

Who wouldn't love a constantly evolving website?Growth driven design allows you to change your website like going back in time tardis image

Growth Driven Design allows your company to step into a time machine. It removes all the guess work of whether or not your new company website will appeal to your current and potential customers. After a rapid launch (typically 45 days) your new website is analysed using real data and then adapted to enhance what is/isn't working. Continually learning from and improving your site until it works perfectly for your customers and most importantly converts your visitors into leads.
 (image 'Tardis' by Sceptre at English Wikipedia transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., CC BY-SA 2.5)

GDD is like leasing a Ferrari with fully comp' and damage waiver but at a fraction of the cost.

GDD is a methodology that enables your business to have a highly optimised website that doesn't need replacing every 2-3yrs.

We have met businesses who have paid £1,000's for beautiful looking websites with stunning imagery and visuals, but that achieve high bounce rates and low conversion. Issues that won't typically be addressed until the next redesign. 

With a Growth Driven Approach, design decisions that result in a high bounce rate in month one are corrected in month two, improved upon in month three and nailed in month four, surpassing all expectations and goals.

Businesses who find themselves with a new but ineffective website often wish for a time machine to take them back to the beginnings of their web build. GDD offers this time machine and the flexibility to continually improve any website, new or existing. 

"...Why spend 3+ months building a site who's results aren't proven.
#GrowthDrivenDesign solves this." 
Luke Summerfield

 Most businesses have a budget and a deadline

Typically most companies set a budget and a timeline for their new website. This often coincides with a rebrand or reshaping of their marketing activity. 

With Growth Driven Design there is still a budget but it's spread over a longer period of time. Instead of one completion deadline, there are a number of deadlines for each continuous improvement cycle. Instead of consuming all of your marketing resources in one website launch, marketing and web professionals deliver structured modules of work over time, delivering results that are directly correlated to user data. Everything is measured, considered and attributable, making budgets work harder and achieving more.

 Comparison of Traditional v GDD Web design


GDD Brings Measurable Results and Value to Clients 

Companies need to start thinking long-term. With the Growth Driven Design methodology it's about learning and adapting to user behaviour which in itself is adapting and changing as technology changes. Learning about your customers enables you to make informed decisions for not only your website but also decisions that can influence your wider marketing and sales functions. 

To find out more about Growth Driven Web design download our free guide.

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